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WordPress Initial Setup


Firstly, I want to welcome you to Wavenetworks WordPress setup.  This process has been made as simple as we can for the user.  That said, if you have any troubles with ether this or other areas of service, dont hesitate to submit a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

*NOTE* This assumes you have an account.

Step 1. Click on "Secure Login"

Locate Login - example


Step 2. Enter your login username and password and click "Submit Login" button

Login page caption


Step 3. Click "Server Manager" in the Customer Control (Left column navigation)

Go to Server Manager


Step 4. Click the "Manage" link on which ever site you wish to add WordPress to

Go to site manager page

*NOTE* This feature is offered for Websites only! nor for Redirects, Mailservers... etc.

*Make sure your "Products" type is "WS" before proceeding (shown below)*

WS type example


Step 5. Click "WORDPRESS" in the Server Manager navigation

Go to WordPress manager


Step 6. Click "Request Wordpress Install".  This will notify us you want Wordpress installed and to which server.

Request WordPress install


Step 7. Enter a directory you want WordPress installed to, or, leave as is preset and click "Create Wordpress Installation Directory"

Wordpress Install Directory


After the request has been made there will be a database setup for it automatically and you may check the status (illistrated below).

WordPress install status

Clicking "View Status and Information", will take you to more detailed info about your WordPress install.  Such as: database host, database name, database user, database password.  This database can be now seen and managed through the "DATABASES" link under the Server Manager navigation.

Databases manager link example

You will be notified when the files have been copied over ether via email or through viewing the status under your WORDPRESS section:

WordPress info

Thanks for your paients and we hope this helps.


Tim Mann                            

Wave Networks L.L.C.

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